We keep getting better

Looking for the best law firm in Sydney? New South Lawyers has been awarded the title of the Best Law Firm in Australia (private clients) and  Runner up Best Law Firm in Australia (business clients) in the NAB 2017 Professional Services Awards. They also won the categories of Best Law Firm in NSW (private clients) and Best Law Firm in NSW (business clients).

Joint Managing Directors George Bazouni and Toufic Bazouni expressed their gratitude as being recognised as one of the best law firms in Sydney to their clients for being a part of the survey, “Participation in the survey was a great tool to measure the firm’s progress in fulfilling its vision, mission and core values.”  The clients surveyed for the purpose of the award rated New South Lawyers’ service as exceptional.

“We were very grateful to hear the feedback that our clients gave. One of our core values is “being prepared to win” and our team places huge emphasis on investing in building client relationships. Going the extra mile to get the best outcome for clients is part of the firms DNA. The firm has developed its own credo which is “We solve problems, minimise risk and seize opportunities”. We call it “The New South Way” said George Bazouni.

The focus on family and relationships has clearly given New South Lawyers an edge since its inception in 2011. The firm started with just 3 employees in a 100 square-metre office, and has since expanded to a team of lawyers working in a modern state-of-the-art office in the heart of Western Sydney’s growing legal precinct.

“George and I believe that taking care of our team encourages them to always look after the clients. As directors of the firm, we mentor, encourage and implement strategies to assist lawyers and support staff in their professional and personal development. That strategy of investing in the wider ‘family’ is one of the key factors to our success. In addition we have also developed a market leading uncapped remuneration package that allows our team to be directly rewarded for their contribution to the firm” said Toufic.

The firm offers its team free personal and professional development courses on topics including leadership, soft skills and current legal developments. This, in turn, provides greater value to clients by completing matters more efficiently and cost-effectively. “We’re also investing in innovative technology and digitalisation which will have a significant impact on the way legal services are provided by our firm. We want to be leaders in the agile workspace, technology and digitalisation.” said Toufic.

This strategy has seen the firm grow in staff numbers and resources which has enabled the firm to take on larger scale and more ambitious client work. George Bazouni and his team have recently acted on an acquisition deal where the gross realisation value is in excess of $500 million, whilst Toufic Bazouni and his team continue to act in resolving complex litigious disputes.

New South Lawyers talked me through my options; what surprised me was that I realised this girl was about to take me to the cleaners. Their advice was to keep playing along in life as nothing had happened and to say I just need some time to think things out.

George and Toufic are adamant that there were big things in store and the firm’s recent success at the Professional Services Awards would indicate that the firm will not disappoint – It’s The New South Way!