Meet our experienced Senior DirectorToufic Bazouni

Toufic's is the best legal representative you can bring to a courtroom. His courageous strategic direction and his ability to communicate to a magistrate leaves opponents in admiration. His diligence and confidence in litigating and criminal matters ensure optimum outcomes for clients.

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Meet our experienced Managing DirectorGeorge Bazouni.

George is a charismatic man with a confident demeanour. He specialises in Property Development & Construction Law. Dedicated to his clients, his attention to detail leaves no stone unturned. His knowledge and tenacity are vast. If you'd like to take control of your own super managed funds to reinvest in your retirement wealth, you'll find no better person for advice.

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Meet our experienced Special CounselKendall Odgers.

Special Counsel does not come better than Kendal, and he has earned this title over years of experience in law. As a barrister, he specialises in Commerical, Construction, Insurance and Intellectual Property. Kendal is also an acclaimed and successful published author and teaches.

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Meet our experienced Special CounselRobert Turnbull.

Admired by others, Robert takes his cases and brings a whole new level of insight; some call it experience, others say it is his vast understanding of the law. He is meticulous in details backed by his strategic thinking makes him one of the best litigators in Sydney.

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Meet our experienced Senior AssociateHelen Pinder.

Helen is the ace everyone needs when it comes to property. She specialises in acquisitions and the disposal of real estate, which is of particularly us for landlords of both commercial and retail premises. Helen's due diligence is handling legal matters make her very adaptive when finalising property deals.

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Meet our experienced Senior AssociateJames Lee

James is a specialist in family law, and his passion shines. His ability to solve problems helps people overcome obstacles that may of prolonging their family matters is awe-inspiring. His compassion and sense of positivity is something to be admired, and for what is the hardest time of family life, James is one good thing in the whole process.

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Meet our experienced LawyerJoanne El Hadi

Johanne gives sound advice and guides clients through a complicated process. Joanne specializes in criminal law and has won numerous awards for New South Lawyers over her tenure. Her authenticity as a lawyer is widely respected.

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Meet our experienced LawyerReegina Moteea.

Self-discipline should be Reegina second name. As a lawyer, she is tenancies when dealing with client cases. Reegina specializes in litigation and finding those facts that nobody else can see. Her ability to make a point is an art form itself.

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Meet our experienced CFOOSimon Semaan.

Simon is our all-star CFOO responsible for managing the financial actions of a company. His reliability is like his balances sheets always there always right. He is consistently analyzing for that gap in the market that gives our business its financial strengths.

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Meet our experienced Senior CounsellorChris Haylan

Compassion is what gives Chris his strength; he talks with clients helping them manage their emotional, mental and lifestyle issues. Chris mediates in conflict resolution cases providing an optimal outcome for people in conflict.

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Meet our Executive AssistantTe’A Murphy.

Make no mistake Te'A runs the show around here. She has many names like the oracle, the crystal ball, and without her, we would be completely unorganised. Te'A is not just the friendly voice you hear when you call us but also get our clients and teams to where they need to be. She also is an Ace in IT, has fixed the guys cars, and in my words, she can cook better than Ramsy. There is pretty much nothing she can't do. If you have a problem and nobody else can solve. You need; the Te'A team.

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