Why you might need a Commercial & Corporate lawyer: 

From contract through to completion, New South’s Commercial & Corporate lawyers work with our clients across the full spectrum of corporate and commercial law. 

We can help you create a competitive business plan that abides by all legal requirements regarding mercantile law or trade law deals with agreements and legislation in particular banking institutions. As a result, you can be certain you will build consumer confidence and not only find customers but keep them!

What we do:

 If you buy or sell a product or service, then it is important to be aware of how Australian Commercial & Corporate Laws can protect you, your business and your customers from unfair trading practices. Find out how we can help you.

New South’s lawyers can also guide you through Commercial & Corporate Laws that govern commerce (retail and digital) as well as the businesses and individuals who participate in those activities. Enquire in confidence.

Whether you are an individual or a business our Commercial & Corporate Lawyers can assist you with drafting, enforcing and terminating any commercial contracts. Examples of commercial contracts we have assisted in include joint venture agreements, shareholder agreements, franchise agreements, and purchase and sale of business agreements. Please ask us for advice. 

Whether you are a sole trader, partnership, proprietary limited company, association, or co-operative, we can help you develop a strategy for structuring your business to minimise risks related to financial challenges and taxation - such as income tax, capital gains tax and goods and services tax. You have rights. Find out yours.

New South Lawyers can help you draft and negotiate shareholder arrangements - properly outlining the steps shareholders can take in the event of disputes and certain circumstances arising. If these matters have arisen in your Commercial & Corporate dealings, we can help with this.

Capital raising can be a complex process. At New South Lawyers we can help you through every step of the journey - from designing an investment structure and negotiating the terms of the deal, to preparing the legal documentation and completing corporate actions - to ensure your venture is financially viable and you legally achieve the means to expand or transform your business as you wish. Are your Commercial & Corporate Law rights protected? Reach out to find out.

Australian commercial law derives its authority from various sources, including The Corporations Act 2001 (statute administered by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission), industry codes of practice and legal sources relevant to specific issues such as taxation legislation, trade laws, and industrial relations laws. However, New South Lawyers are experienced across all areas. Contact us. 

Our Commercial & Corporate Lawyers can provide help and guidance around commercial and corporate merger issues - such as handling negotiations, managing documentation and legal due diligence to ensure your merger transaction is as smooth as possible. Get help now.

New South Lawyers can provide help and guidance around Commercial & Corporate acquisition issues - such as handling negotiations, managing documentation, and legal due diligence to ensure your acquisition transaction is as smooth as possible. Reach out to learn more.

From interpretation to negotiating, it’s important to get professional advice to fully understand your obligations when it comes to commercial contracts. Contact us today. 

We can help you protect your Intellectual property (IP) and other intangible assets that relate to doing business including patents, trade marks, designs, and secret processes and formulae. Find out how we can help you.

If you need advice on the best way to maximise your investment in an R & D process - so you can enjoy a competitive advantage at the business, industry, or national level - our Commercial & Corporate Lawyers are experts. Enquire in confidence.

New South Lawyers will guide you on your ‘commercialisation pathway’ journey - so that your entry to the market - whatever your Commercial & Corporate matter may be - is as successful as possible. Ask us for advice.

We can help you develop and formulate privacy guidelines and terms and conditions to protect your intellectual property. You have rights. Find out yours.

New South Lawyers’ Commercial & Corporate Law experts can provide legal advice to support the process of safeguarding digital information throughout its entire life cycle to protect it from corruption, theft, or unauthorised access. We can help with this.

Are your rights protected? Reach out to find out

When it comes to Commercial & Corporate Law matters, we can help you take advantage of incentive schemes in the creation of your intellectual property. Contact us.

Our Commercial & Corporate Lawyers can help you work out a Share Purchase Agreement (SPA) that defines Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) being sold and determines any special provisions related to them that need to be included. Get help now.

We can help you establish trust structures that give trust holders intellectual property rights such as patents and copyrights that protect against infringement and provide effective management. Reach out to learn more.

When entering into Joint Ventures (ventures where or more people, companies or organisations who work together for a specific purpose or project, rather than as an ongoing business), it is important to be aware of the status of your commercial and corporate law rights. You should decide how you plan to share your property with your business partners, and ensure that you clearly set this out in any written agreements or contracts you sign. Find out how we can help you.

Who we do it for:

Our previous clients have included financial investors and franchisees, as well as shareholders, subcontractors, and small business owners seeking business sale and restructuring support.

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