Why you might need a Litigation & Dispute Resolution lawyer: 

At New South Lawyers, our Litigation & Dispute Resolution lawyers combine skill, strategy, and significant expertise to resolve commercial disputes with minimal impact on your business. Our aim is always to help you avoid costly court cases.

We are highly skilled in alternative dispute resolution and before launching into the litigation process, we will always apply our mediation and negotiation skills to secure an early, cost-effective resolution when possible. However, if required, we also have the confidence to undertake significant matters and have successfully represented our clients across a range of courts and jurisdictions to help them resolve their disputes.

What we do:

Joint ventures (ventures where two or more people, companies or organisations work together for a specific purpose or project, rather than as an ongoing business) can often be accompanied by disputes. This is often due to a lack of due diligence, joint venture agreement breaches and/or a lack of understanding between parties. However, New South Lawyers’ Litigation & Dispute Resolution team can assist. Find out how we can help you.

Disputes surrounding shares in a proprietary company can involve issues such as concerns over access to information, dissatisfaction with decisions at the board and management levels of the business, and frustrations with certain actions of business partners (including dealings with shares in the company and company assets). In these instances, legal advice can help protect your rights. Enquire in confidence.

Building construction disputes arise when a party to a construction contract fails or is perceived to have failed to comply with their legal or contractual obligations to a contracting party. Whether you are a builder or a homeowner who is not satisfied that the construction contract has been complied with, we can assist. Ask us for advice. 

New South Lawyers can help shareholders, investors, customers, joint venture partners, and a range of other stakeholders, initiate and resolve disputes with banking and wider financial services sectors. You have rights. Find out yours today.

Our Litigation & Dispute Resolution lawyers can enforce your right to payment. We are specifically experienced in the Security of Payment Act. This NSW-specific legislation is intended to reduce the incidence of insolvency in the construction industry and protects you from being unpaid, paid late, or underpaid so you get paid what you deserve. We can help with this.

We can assist you to resolve a dispute when you receive defective goods. We regularly work on matters involving builders or tradespeople who provided incomplete or defective home building work, as well as suppliers of defective products. Are your rights protected? Reach out to find out.

Where a party has failed to perform their obligations according to a contract, the other party may assert that a breach of contract has occurred. In these cases, our Litigation & Dispute Resolution lawyers can help. Contact us.

Our dedicated Litigation & Dispute Resolution lawyers can help with matters that involve intentionally falsifying a document and/or using a false document to deceive another. Get help now.

We have the legal expertise and credibility to resolve matters and recover money efficiently. Our debt recovery services include letters of demand, the commencement of legal action and enforcement of judgments. Reach out to learn more.

New South Lawyers’ Litigation & Dispute Resolution lawyers can help with a financial negligence claim (also known as a financial planning compensation claim). This provides a means for those who have suffered a loss as a result of wrong, misleading or negligent financial advice to receive compensation for their losses. This claim is usually made against a financial advisor or their employer. Find out how we can help you. 

We can offer you advice or file a professional negligence claim against a solicitor, lawyer, barrister or another legal professional on your behalf. As a result you may be entitled to compensation for financial loss or other damages that may have arisen if a lawyer has misrepresented you or been negligent in their advice or conduct. Enquire in confidence.

The law of defamation protects people from the publication of material which could damage their reputation in the eyes of a right-thinking person. If you believe you are a victim of defamation, our team of Litigation & Dispute Resolution lawyers can help. Ask us for advice.

Family trusts are tools for structuring property and asset ownership usually with a view to minimising tax by providing a choice of who receives the income and capital from them. However, in instances where disputes arise, our Litigation & Dispute Resolution team can help. You have rights. Find out yours today. 

If you disagree with your insurance provider's expert reports, opinions or findings, in response to an insurance claim and would like to consider legal responses, our Litigation & Dispute Resolution lawyers can help with this.

A property dispute involves a disagreement, conflict or misunderstanding which centres on a property-related transaction. Such disputes may relate to a residential house or unit, industrial or commercial property or even vacant land. This is where New South Lawyers Litigation & Dispute Resolution lawyers can help. Are your rights protected? Reach out to find out.

Who we do it for:

Our Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution lawyers have expertise across a range of areas, including building & construction disputes, business & commercial disputes, property disputes, shareholder disputes, and family disputes.

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