Why you might need a Restructuring & Insolvency lawyer:

If you're a business owner who finds yourself challenged with issues of debt, bankruptcy, restructuring, and insolvency then the team of Restructuring & Insolvency lawyers at New South Lawyers can help. 

With a reputation for resolving balance sheet insolvency matters, improving cash flow, and returning once-profitable businesses to their best, it's little surprise we are considered among Sydney's most renowned business lawyers.

What we do:

New South Lawyers can support businesses that may be undergoing various forms of insolvent administration. These include bankruptcy, liquidation, receivership and voluntary administration and associated procedures together with the avoidance of transactions in insolvency. Enquire in confidence.

 In addition to establishing corporate structures, drafting contracts, drafting policies and procedures, managing your governance, licensing, and standards, and aiding with any legal disputes, our Restructuring & Insolvency Lawyers can help you with cash flow management. Ask us for advice.

Our Restructuring & Insolvency Law experts work with liquidators across a range of recovery actions and in advisory roles on technical legal issues. However, we also act for creditors of companies who are owed debts by companies in liquidation. You have rights. Find out yours.

Australia’s takeover laws (as set out in the Corporations Act), regulate the acquisition of direct and indirect interests in Australian listed companies and listed managed investment schemes. A takeover bid involves a potential acquirer making an offer to all shareholders of a target company or unitholders of a trust to acquire their shares or units on the same terms. The offer must be included in a bidder’s statement prepared in accordance with the requirements of the takeover laws. If this applies to you, our Restructuring & Insolvency Lawyers can help with this.

Voluntary administration is a Restructuring & Insolvency Law process that allows a company that is experiencing cash flow or solvency problems to appoint an external administrator to manage the company's assets while it restructures to avoid liquidation. Is your business protected? Reach out to find out.

According to the Corporations Act, Safe Harbour legislation is designed to allow directors to address a company’s financial difficulties behind the scenes whilst under the supervision of an “Appropriately Qualified Advisor”. At New South Lawyers our Restructuring & Insolvency Lawyers are all suitably qualified to help. Contact us.

Restructuring & Insolvency Law matters can be full of technical terms and confusing conditions. At New South Lawyers we aim to translate the ‘official’ words of any contract you may need to create or sign during these times, into simple, easy-to-understand English. Get help now. 

New South Lawyers can guide you through the process of reorganising the ownership, financing, and/or operations of a company with the goal of making it more profitable. Reach out to learn more.

If you are struggling with business debt, our Restructuring & Insolvency Lawyers can help you understand your options and provide solutions that won’t negatively impact your credit score - such as combining multiple debt balances into one new loan. Find out how we can help you.

Who we do it for:

We have represented business owners, creditors, debtors, developers, buyers and sellers, trustees, committees, investors, financial institutions, commercial lessors, and others in all aspects of bankruptcy and insolvency.

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