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As the issues of climate change, sustainable energy, and global warming continue to rise in significance, so too does the need for powerful and passionate Energy & Resources lawyers.

At New South Lawyers, our team includes specialists in the energy sector legal issues, who respect the delicate balance between environmental and economical consequences. We are passionate about educating our clients on all aspects of energy and resources law in every Australian jurisdiction, as well as dealing with foreign investment and trade treatise.

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Joint Venture structures (ventures where two or more people, companies or organisations work together for a specific purpose or project, rather than as an ongoing business) are well-suited to energy and resources projects for a range of commercial, logistical and financial or taxation reasons They may be required in a range of Energy & Resources Law matters. Enquire in confidence 

New South Lawyers can provide advice and address issues that arise surrounding the different types of agreements landholders may enter into with developers, and the commercial considerations which commonly need to be taken into account when negotiating an agreement on solar farms, wind farms and power purchase agreements. Ask our Energy & Resources Lawyers for advice. 

At New South Lawyers our Energy & Resources Law team are experienced in handling high-value energy transactions such as mergers and acquisitions. This includes those involving a broad array of public and private companies, private equity firms, investment banks, governmental entities, infrastructure funds, commercial banks and other lenders, and other institutions and investors in the energy sector. You have rights. Find out yours.

 Investors and developers looking to secure land rights and interests for a project site need to be aware of the legal implications such as zoning restraints based on energy & resource laws. We can help with this.

Our Energy & Resources Law experts can help you understand planning law updates associated with renewable energy projects. Are your rights protected? Reach out to find out. 

New South Lawyers’ Energy & Resources Lawyers can help you understand the process of trading energy commodities (both renewable - such as solar and non-renewable - such as petrol gas and goal) in Australia. Contact us.

There are a number of statutes and bodies responsible for regulating energy in Australia. Our Energy & Resources Lawyers can help you understand energy laws and rules and jurisdictional legislation, as well as guidelines, standards, and procedures. Get help now. 

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We are experienced with the regulatory framework across a range of energy and resources sectors, including: minerals, oil, gas, electricity, water, and renewable energy law.

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