Values of the past. Visions for the future. Committed Today.

At New South Lawyers we embrace every opportunity that crosses our path, as a chance to offer personal and professional legal services that make a difference, today. 

It is for this reason, that we continue to achieve unprecedented levels of client satisfaction,  regularly receive national recognition across a range of accomplishments, and are currently experiencing our most powerful staff growth rate to date. 

However, as well as seizing every opportunity that today presents, at New South Lawyers we have proudly learnt from the lessons of our past to form the foundation upon which we will build the future of our firm.

Since its inception in 2011, the establishment of New South Lawyers by founding directors Toufic Bazouni and George Bazouni, has provided the brothers with the privilege to both honour their roots and firmly set their vision on a powerful future. 

Binding Financial Agreements

Born, raised, and educated in Western Sydney, New South Lawyers presented an opening for Toufic and George to give back to the community that had afforded them so many opportunities to date, while also elevating these services to a world-class standard. 

Recognising Parramatta's status as the geographical heart of Sydney, and a buzzing commercial area with developing infrastructure, New South Lawyers was both a pioneer and reflection of the rich potential on offer in Sydney's newest central business district, and firmly entrenched itself in the area's legal precinct. 

Today, New South Lawyers’ expertise extends beyond the geography of their head office. With workspaces across the Sydney CBD and plans for inter-state expansion to more intimately service their rapidly growing client base, New South Lawyers embodies the importance of Albert Einstein’s encouragement to “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.”

Expertise, insights and understanding

Justice - and success! - knows no boundaries. New South Lawyers was founded on a passion to deliver elite legal services to a range of high-end business clients - within both the Western suburbs and across the greater Sydney region. They continue to rise to the challenge of a seizing a growing number of professional opportunities across Australia.

Today, some of New South Lawyers’ top-tier clients include aspiring entrepreneurs, high-net value individuals and globally recognised multinational global brands who desire world-class standards, that never compromise on the kind of integrity that comes from working with a community-focused firm.

Capability and competency: Without Compromise

New South Lawyers' clients span a broad spectrum of industries, but all are united by the common desire to receive exceptional services typically afforded by top-tier legal firms.

We are proud to deliver through the strategy set out in,

Our firm's vision: “A Sydney-based firm with global goals. New South Lawyers team of professionals service both micro and macro-sized clients with the same aim: To honour our reputation for providing the highest quality, result-driven legal service, every single time” 

Our mission: "We help our clients to get the best results by building relationships and offering personalised legal service through collaboration and getting to know your business." 

Our core values: “Passionate, Persistent, Professional. We solve problems, minimise risk and seize opportunities."



Skilled lawyers

A company is only as good as the company it keeps. At New South Lawyers "our people are our pillars" is a driving principle of establishing ourselves as one of Sydney's premier law firms.

Whether a junior or veteran, progressive or traditional, every single member of our team is highly skilled, strategic, and solicitous.

Seamlessly straddling the balance between professional and personable, at New South Lawyers our concern is you: Your needs, your case, and your overall experience with us. We are confident you will find a member of our staff who speaks your style.

Capabilities in practice

Evolution, adaptation, and experience have allowed New South Lawyers to perfect their capabilities in a number of practice areas.  These include: 


At New South Lawyers, our Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution lawyers combine skill, strategy, and significant expertise to resolve commercial disputes with minimal impact on your business. Our aim is always to help you avoid costly court cases. We are highly skilled in alternative dispute resolution and before launching into the litigation process, we will always apply our mediation and negotiation skills to secure an early, cost-effective resolution when possible. However, if required, we also have the confidence to undertake significant matters and have successfully represented our clients across a range of courts and jurisdictions to help them resolve their disputes. Ask Us In Confidence

Whether you want to build a block of apartments as an investment, a boarding house, an office space, or are simply planning the home of your dreams, our team of Building & Construction lawyers is here to advise your developer, principals, consultants, main contractors (builders), trade contractors, suppliers on all areas of building, infrastructure and construction law, including dispute resolution. From signing a building and construction contract to the purchase and sale of land, we will support you as you navigate the maze of local and state laws to ensure your development is established on the firmest of foundations and your property is one you can be proud of. 
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When legal issues arise between family members (such as divorce and custody disputes) you need a family lawyer who can balance professionalism with compassion and the kind of empathy and understanding that these emotional situations demand. At New South Lawyers, our team is made of lawyers who are also passionate about their own families. This gives them an intimate understanding of the importance of providing clients with clear legal advice to help them navigate through the challenges of family law with a clear legal plan that allows them to move forwards.  Whether it is completing and lodging all necessary forms and appearing with you at court when required or drafting binding financial agreements prior to marriage, or after separation, our sensitivity to the situation and ability to deal with difficult familiar dynamics with care and compassion ensures that disputes concerning children, access rights and property are managed in the most discreet ways. Ask Us In Confidence

New South Lawyers’ financial services & tax lawyers can help you develop a legal strategy that protects you and your financial assets. Whether you are yourself an individual working in the financial services industry, or dealing with matters in the financial planning, investment, superannuation or refinancing space, our team can help you understand your rights and obligations. Our Financial Services & Tax Lawyers will can provide you with the necessary information to assist you with developing and structuring your business appropriately,  guide you through the process of applying for financial services, and review your business model so it is tax optimised.

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From contract through to completion, New South Lawyers Commercial & Corporate lawyers work with our clients across the full spectrum of corporate and commercial law. We can help you create a competitive business plan that abides by all legal requirements regarding mercantile law or trade law deals with agreements and legislation in particular banking institutions. As a result, you can be certain you will build consumer confidence and not only find customers but keep them! Ask Us In Confidence

If you're a business owner who finds yourself challenged with issues of debt, bankruptcy, restructuring, and insolvency then the team of Restructuring & Insolvency lawyers at New South Lawyers can help. With a reputation for resolving balance sheet insolvency matters, improving cash flow, and returning once-profitable businesses to their best, it's little surprise we are considered among Sydney's most renowned business lawyers. Ask Us In Confidence

Buying a home, or even leasing a property,  is often one of the biggest financial investments you will ever make. If you are purchasing by private treaty, at auction, off the plan, or leasing, New South Lawyers team of professional Property & Leasing can help you understand the legal rights of the contract of sale or lease to ensure your dream home doesn’t turn into a nightmare! Whether you are a buyer or seller, a landlord or tenant, our conveyancing team never compromises on our commitment to ensure that all property and leasing transactions are smooth, streamlined, and simple, for all parties involved. Ask Us In Confidence

At New South Lawyers, we are passionate about protecting all the rights you can see. As well as those that are slightly more intangible - such as intellectual property. Because while IP may be short in abbreviation, in a growingly digitised world, it’s a big deal. This area of law refers to things such as patents, trademarks, brands, databases, or trade secrets. While these innovative assets are often underappreciated, our team of intellectual property lawyers can help you understand their true value and monetise them in the most strategic way possible. Ask Us In Confidence

 "In this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes... And the fact that New South Lawyers Wills & Estate Planning lawyers are some of the best in the profession. Empower yourself - and ensure your loved ones are prepared for a life without - by minimising the distress of death and getting your affairs in order now with a professional will. Ask Us In Confidence

As the issues of climate change, sustainable energy, and global warming continue to rise in significance, so too does the need for powerful and passionate Energy & Resources lawyers. At New South Lawyers, our team includes specialists in the energy sector legal issues, who respect the delicate balance between environmental and economical consequences. We are passionate about educating our clients on all aspects of energy and resources law in every Australian jurisdiction, as well as dealing with foreign investment and trade treatise. Ask Us In Confidence

New South Lawyers’ team of Environmental & Planning lawyers believes it is possible to strike the perfect balance between protecting land, air, water, and soil - as well as your own commercial interests. Whether you are a corporate client or a private citizen, we treat each case with the same level of courtesy and commitment. We assess, research, and strategise every aspect of environmental and planning law issues to always address our clients' needs in the most effective way possible and deliver the best outcomes for all involved. Ask Us In Confidence

At New South Lawyers, our Criminal lawyers firmly believe that the right to a fair trial is fundamental to the rule of law and democracy, and in the ethos that everyone must truly be considered “innocent until proven guilty”. If you have been charged by the police, then you need confident and confidential legal representation committed to the outcome of your case. Our criminal lawyers will use their knowledge and negotiation skills to ensure your rights are respected and protected. Ask Us In Confidence