Wills & Estate Planning

If there are two sure things in life, it is Death and Taxes. At New South Lawyers can help you get your last will and estate in order. Our Wills and Estate Lawyers will help you understand and guide you over the process. In Australia, 40% of people never write a last will and testimony or plan their estate.

Make it an easy

You've worked hard all your life why make that send off harder than it has to be. Leave the family to grieve in peace. New South Lawyers can help set up trust funds and provide you with asset protection to avoid family disputes.

You never know what's around the corner

In some cases, the body is still willing, but the mind becomes weak, New South Lawyers can help you appoint a Power of Attorney and Guardianship to ensure you are looked after the correct way in your later years.

Get things in-order with your legal expert

When you engage New South Lawyers, we take the time to assess and guide you over the process involved.

Plan ahead to avoid disputes

It is all about planning to avoid family disputes and contesting your last wishes. At New South Lawyers we say don't leave it to chance and appointing the right administration and making sure that the Executor duties have been carried the way you wanted.

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Make it hard to be contested

In Australia, the only way to contest a will is in the supreme court, and the costs far outweigh what an angry relative may believe. New South Lawyers will take the time to make sure we get it right together the first time off. Call us Today.

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