Why you might need an Environmental & Planning lawyer: 

New South Lawyers’ team of Environmental & Planning lawyers believe it is possible to strike the perfect balance between protecting land, air, water, and soil - as well as your own commercial interests.

Whether you are a corporate client or a private citizen, we treat each case with the same level of courtesy and commitment. We assess, research, and strategise every aspect of environmental and planning law issues to always address our clients' needs in the most effective way possible and deliver the best outcomes for all involved.

What we do:

New South Lawyers Environmental & Planning Law team will work with your business to ensure your practices are compliant with The Environment Protection Act 1997 (the Act). This legislation protects the environment through a regulatory framework that helps to reduce and eliminate the discharge of pollutants into the air, land and water. Reach out to learn more. 

Carbon offsets are fast becoming an effective way for businesses to quantify Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investments. At New South Lawyers, our Environmental & Planning Law experts can help you implement policies and adopt practices to cut your emissions at the source - which as a result means you can satisfy your environmental requirements, through the Clean Energy Regulator (CER)’s safeguard mechanism, meet ESG targets and in some cases, even produce additional income. Find out how we can help you.

At New South Lawyers, our Environmental & Planning Lawyers understand that Development Applications and other related town planning activities affected by environmental Law require sensitive expertise. We act in all Local Government and Environmental Law matters and can help you navigate complex legal playing fields by advising on property development, development applications and breaches of consent, compliance issues, and Land & Environment Court Actions. Ask us for advice.

Australia’s protesting laws are complex, and while international human rights law provides for the freedom to engage in peaceful protest, at a federal level Australian law doesn’t explicitly protect this right. That’s why every year, hundreds of Australians are arrested while protesting environmental issues. Although different jurisdictions may have unique regulations, police across Australia can lay various criminal charges against individuals who engage in protest action. If you have been affected, enquire in confidence.

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We can help ensure any joint ventures (ventures where two or more people, companies or organisations work together for a specific purpose or project, rather than as an ongoing business) you are involved with, also meet all Environmental & Planning Law requirements. You have rights, find out yours.

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Environmental due diligence is the process of assessing the environmental conditions of a property so that investors are aware of the potential environmental liabilities.It can be complex and technical so the services of an experienced Environmental & Planning Lawyer is invaluable. Get help now.

Our Environmental & Planning Lawyers can help you balance your right as a developer to maximise the value of your land within the scope of Environmental Laws designed to protect the natural environment. Reach out to learn more.

We can help ensure that provisions intended to protect the environment (including national heritage) and conserve natural resources in the public interest, do not devalue your rights of property access. Find out how we can help you.

Environmental commodities are a class of commodities that take the form of non-tangible energy credits. Our Environmental & Planning Lawyers can help you find out why environmental commodities matter, how they’re regulated, managed, and where you can trade them. Enquire in confidence.

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 Regulatory authorities vary in each state. Depending on your jurisdiction, we can help you understand the extent to which each of the state’s regulatory bodies (such as the NSW Environment Protection Authority) can enforce environmental requirements. You have rights. Find out yours. 

The National Electricity Rules govern the operation of the national electricity market (NEM). Changes to the National Electricity Rules are made by the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC). The rules exist to govern the operation of the wholesale electricity market - the market arrangements for the commercial exchange of electricity from the electricity producers (generators) through to the electricity retailers. Our Environmental & Planning Lawyers can help with this.

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The growing interest in sustainability has broadened the range of financing opportunities for renewable energy, energy efficiency and environmental infrastructure projects, as well as the related challenges. Our experienced Environmental & Planning Law team offer comprehensive advisory services on project finance and all aspects of environmental, contract, social and governance due diligence reviews conducted prior to the financial close of deals, including authorisations and permits necessary to build and operate facilities, remuneration regimes and the ESG requirements to be met. Get help now.

Whether you are managing environmental conflict; development, planning and assessment; biodiversity and heritage protection; energy, climate and water law; pollution control; and corporate social responsibility, our Environmental & Planning Lawyers help with your project negotiations. Reach out to learn more.

Who we do it for:

We have worked with developers to help handle concerns re: heritage-site affected buildings, as well as boundary disputes, development applications, and land tax issues. 

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