At New South Lawyers, we believe in the value of a diverse law firm. Since our foundation, we have recognised the importance of a work place built on age, gender, ethnic and religious differences. Filled by strong candidates required to succeed in these roles, of course. However, it is an aim we recommit to with every recruitment. 

The four steps we are taking to ensure we are a diverse law firm

Alongside our firm's ethos "We solve problems, minimise risks and seize opportunities" at New South Lawyers we are committed to building a diverse law firm that reflects the multi-layered face of Australia. As a result, at present, our firm is currently made up of 
  1. An equally split ratio female to male ratio of 50:50
  2. With a working roster aged between 20 to 50 years of ages
  3. Lawyers from nine different ethnic backgrounds
  4. Who can speak over 11 languages (including ASL!) between them

Why diversity in legal practice is important

According to a report published by, 50% of solicitors with practicing certificates are female, with 27% of solicitors in NSW being born overseas. Naturally then, New South Lawyers are committed to building a work force that mirrors the community that we serve.  The same research also suggested that organisations that have a culture of inclusion are “able to recruit and retain staff, improve productivity and performance and increase growth.” Furthermore, the report confirmed that diverse work forces (those that include people with global experience and multicultural identities) display more creativity, are better problem solvers, and are more likely to create new products.It is for this reason that it remains a core principle in our approach to recruitment and retention.

Meet the newest member of our diverse law firm

Violet Arrey

The embodiment of New South Lawyer’s commitment to work place diversity is the newest addition to our family law team, Violet Arrey. As Special Counsel who can speak three languages, Violet Arrey brings extensive legal experience to our firm. She has worked on a range of matters. These include international relocation, recovery orders and parenting disputes involving unacceptable risks. Financial and property matters such as complex trust structures. And, finally, surrogacy and donor agreements. In addition to her professional experience, Violet has a personal passion for community development. This is evident through her position as a Member of the WA Police Multicultural Women Leaders Network. Here, her duties included helping the WA Police address issues relevant to multicultural communities and liaising with their community engagement team to develop and implement strategies that address social issues especially juvenile crime and family violence. Violet also served on the Multicultural Advisory Group of the City of Wanneroo. “In this role, I assisted the local government it its multicultural strategies. And in communicating the views of the wider community to the local government council. This included reviewing the local government's policies in relation to their effect on multicultural communities, and the local government's multicultural strategic plan. As well as advising on plans to support its community.” New South Lawyers are thrilled to welcome Violet to our already diverse law firm. We are unquestionably confident she will continue to deliver solutions to the culturally rich client base that we currently service.

To find out more about our commitment to being one of Sydney’s most diverse law firms chat with a member of the New South Lawyers' team today.