While divorce is generally considered a personal matter, nothing shines the spotlight on privacy quite like a high profile family Law Case. In our latest post, New South Lawyers Family Lawyers discuss the importance of suppression and non-publication orders.

Suppression and non-publication orders in the news

The Daily Telegraph’s publication of an article titled Divorce settlement all but done for Tim and Emma Steel on 24 September 2023, referred to the high-profile family law dispute between millionaire neurosurgeon, Tim Steel and his former wife, Emma Steel. The matter highlighted the importance of including a suppression and non-publication order in family law matters, especially in high profile cases.

Suppression and non-publication orders: The restrictions

Compared to the detailed report on the parties’ high-profile trial following allegations of domestic violence and assault (published on 3 July 2020 by the Daily Mail), this recently published article noticeably omits the details and particulars of the family law dispute. This is thanks to the restrictions placed by law under section 121 of the Family Law Act, with respect to publication of family law proceedings.

Obtaining a suppression and non-publication order at the early stages in high profile family law proceedings, does not only protect the parties from embarrassment but also protects them from harm and financial loss. If there are children of the relationship, such an order is important to protect the identity of the children and shield them from publications that may cause emotional and psychological harm.

Suppression and non-publication orders in action

In a high-profile case, New South Lawyers’ Family Lawyers recently acted on, we assisted to obtain a suppression and non-publication order by consent of the parties. This order was vital in protecting the children of the relationship and to prevent the negative impact of publicity on the breakdown of parties’ marriage and safeguard the details of the family law dispute from the public. It was also a strategic move to curb the unpredictable reaction from investors and to protect the parties’ billion-dollar asset pool, and the parties’ respective reputations, from the adverse effect of such publicity, given the high conflict, nature of allegations and complexity of the matter.

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