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With more cars on the road, the Australian Government is introducing more fines and demerit points to make safer roads. You'll inevitably run into a Traffic Offence in Sydney at least once in your life.

There are always other factors.

Offences can affect your family and work-life without the use of a car. If you've charged with DUI, you will need the best legal representation to help fight your case. New South Lawyers are experts in Traffic offences whether it is a speeding fine to negligent driving we are very skilled at making sure the road offence was your fault.

You'll have to go to court anyway why not fight your case

We have a deep understanding of the system of New South Wales Roads and Maritime use to raise more money for the Government. If you have been charged with an offence you will need to go to court our experienced lawyers can help you even get back on the road.

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Before going to court, you'll need to be aware of the sentence the courts may impose and what options are available for you to keep your licence.

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In New South Wales traffic offences are treated very seriously.

New South Lawyers can help you understand these offences and guide you through the process with the various authorities. We can also help with appeals and convictions that may already be passed. We know how important driving is for your job and family life. Call New South Lawyers Today.

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