Having represented hundreds of clients in divorce proceedings, one of the hardest things for our Family Lawyers to hear is: "I'm worried about my safety at court." Regardless of any issues in your matter, you and your children must feel safe when attending Court. In this post, our Family Law team outlines the steps you can take to keep yourself safe. Particularly, if you have concerns about your security when attending a court appointment or hearing.  If for any reason you believe you are in imminent danger when attending Court, tell your solicitor and contact police.

Measures which can protect your safety at court

If you are worried about your safety at court (or that of your children) it is imperative that you inform the Court as soon as possible, as you must let the Court know five days before a hearing. Additionally, there are a multitude of measures that can protect you and your family in Court including:  Firstly, attend your hearing electronically by phone or video. Secondly, place yourself into a separate room from your former spouse. And finally, if you are self-represented, have a support person or friend who can attend Court with you.

Police protection

If domestic violence is a concern in your family law matter, most police departments across NSW have trained family violence officers who can assist in your protection by getting an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order (“ADVO”). Once an ADVO is in place, the police will assist you and respond to any breaches that may occur.

Other resources for your security

Ultimately, if you are feeling threated or converned for your safety you are never to blame. However, for additional support, consider reaching out to one of the organisations below.  Domestic Violence Line: 1800 656 463Victims Services NSW: 1800 633 063Aboriginal Contact Line: 1800 019 123

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