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When you engage New South Lawyers, we take the time to assess your dilemma. Approachable and understanding, but more than anything, we really are great listeners. We deliver a personal legal service which clients love. Strategic minded in our planning and committed to providing optimal outcomes when it comes to dealing with your case. At the core of our business and values. You'll find us empathic and passionate about making things work we believe in measured results.

Have you ended up on the wrong side of the law? You may need us to help you get the facts straight. We are experts in criminal law in Sydney and have helped thousands of people earn their freedom. Just because the Police have charged you does not make you guilty. Get Help Now

Find the best family lawyer in Sydney. We can help make a very difficult and compassionate situation manageable when it comes to divorce. Children, access rights and property involved, you need to have the best family lawyer to help you. Ask Us In Confidence

Does someone owe you money or not fulfilled a contract? We can help you get your money back, or make somebody honour their agreement. We have a 100% track record dealing with individuals, associations and government agencies. Ask How We Can Help You

Renowned in Sydney for our due diligence when it comes to property legal's. One of our main advantages is that we wholly help our clients understand the complicated contracts and terms used by large institutions so you can make a better decision. I need help with this

Anyone who has ever run a business understands that the market can change at any time — leaving your once profitable business been unable to pay money owed. We can help with both cash-flow and balance sheet insolvency matters. Ask us for Advice

With today's modern building, there are so many factors to consider with council laws, state laws, engineering to occupational health and safety. It helps if you had a great team behind you. New South Lawyers help both small and large companies achieve sign off. Ask us for Advice

There are only two sure things in life, and that is death and taxes. It is very empowering to address your last will. While most never think it will happen a sudden loss of a person can cause significant distress to families. It is the right thing to do to get your affairs in order. Ask Us

When kids are involved, the law protects them. New South Lawyers can help you with complex administrative decisions and tribunal. Various other agencies work alongside the family courts and expert legal teams to ensure the safety and wellbeing of a child. Please help me.

All business that works in commerce in both trade and sales have a legal right to do the right thing when it comes to their customers. Mercantile law or trade law deals with agreements and legislation in particular banking institutions. You have rights, find out yours today.

Environmental law encompasses the complex system of treaties. Regulations, statutes, conventions and case law that govern how humans can interact with the natural world. New South Lawyers are experts in this field and assess the best outcomes for clients. Contact Us Today

Your intellectual property is one of the most valuable things you own it is significantly undervalued, and considering the value of things such as patents, trademarks, brands, databases, or trade secrets is your competitive edge in the market place. Is your business Protected

Energy and Resources Law is an authoritative, comprehensive, well structured and accessibly written practical guide to all aspects of the energy and resources law in every Australian jurisdiction to help deal with foreign investment and trade treatise. Contact Us

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Almost every law firm tells you that they are different. But are they really different? Have a look. Make up your own mind. Almost every law firm tells you what they do. It seems to be all the same. Do they tell you why they do what they do? The team at New South Lawyers are passionate about applying the law to solve your problems, minimise risk and seize opportunities®. The effect we have on others is most valuable to us.

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When we see a problem or injustice, we believe no one else is going to fix it but us. We believe we have to be solely committed to solving your problem in order to find true justice. It is the New South Way®.

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Opportunity is never lost. It's taken by others. Minimise your risk and seize opportunities while it is in your grasp.
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